Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Non Requiescat in pace.

Stop wishing Humanity that it rest in peace.

If it IS dead and if we are to entertain any of the fantasies that organised faith (dirty word!)* would have us believe about the afterlife, then Humanity should burn in Hell.

Definition of humanity in English:

NOUN (plural humanities)

1Human beings collectively:appalling crimes against humanity
1.1The state of being human:our differences matter but our common humanity matters more
2The quality of being humanebenevolence:he praised them for their standards of humanity and care
3(humanities) Learning concerned with human culture, especially literaturehistoryartmusic, and philosophy.
Thus says the Oxford dictionary.
Are we hoping the homo sapiens that perish, without a clue why they're dying now, every minute of the day because of various kinds of misguided sense of right, rage and reparation are okay with not having finished their day, with leftovers in their refrigerators, incomplete chores, with unfinished homework and unsolved long division problems, orphaned pets, distraught families and lonely lovers? Should we be hoping that the privilege we have of 'the state of being human' rest with us in shameful hibernation while we go about ripping the myth of the intelligent, cultured, loving, graceful being to tiny pieces?
No humanity, please don't rest in peace. You have no business resting.

So, which of these are we wishing rest in peace?

You have to writhe in the knowledge of all your failings while you take heart from all the things that you have made possible. Bread, Idlis, Friendship, Poetry, Music, Art, Love, Stories, Sorrow, Joy, Sharing, Chemistry, Cheese, the Renaissance, Wine, Dialogue, Faith... Stop Faith from morphing into a monster of a dirty word.
You have to wake up, make amends. You can't be let off so easily.

Let not Spiritus Mundi be marred by unsightly slouching beasts of savagery.
Unrest Humanity, don't give up.

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