Monday, 23 August 2010

The Me, Next...

July 2008,

Lucidity often heard of, not unknown but fleeting...

The fracture elusive
But with its painful evidence omnipresent
Where? one can't tell
It becomes the person with the 'ality'

Coining big words to mean, to forget the
Next instant
To describe what it is like
Strung by a springy cord
Swinging between
scorching dying deserts and Edens of everliving waters
The nucleus and the fringes
Love and Indifference
Within a lightening of a moment.

Groping in blinding light
To grasp one true emotion
to hold on to reason (of theirs)
But All is true- as true as the scarlet
Traces on this hand and the smile in ones eyes.

Truth is the problem
The unstoppable powerful elation and the dreadful bottomless concavity
Abyssmal sometimes turned upside down to be the dizziest of heights.
Terror, stillness, silence, chaos
All in one moment at one time
One imagined that would be Amore
But that's not it...Its something else...
 I am afraid to be a widow.


Anonymous said...

you seem to have been writing for quite a while, with not much of an audience to speak of.

well hello

Lekha said...

Hello to you too...

One writes just as a medium of expression, sometimes even only to vent to fill the gaps one leaves by not talking as much otherwise in real life.

This Blog wasn't for an audience... But an audience is always appreciated.